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This is an archive  collection of old documents I came across from the Waterside Shortwave Club dated around 1980 after Rod, G6LVJ,  informed me that the club, now called Waterside New Forest Radio Club, had  updated their website and included one of the old Newsletters.

Reading the old Newsletter reminded me of what we used to get up to back in the 1980's, the state of technology around at that time and of course the club members who made it all possible.  So I thought it would be nice to post them to a website for others to enjoy.

My recollections of the then Waterside Short Wave Club was that it started up again just after I received my licence in 1979.  There I was, a single 25 year old with a brand new G4 callsign, a state of the art 2 metre PLL synthesised mobile rig in my bright red MGB Roadster and a brand new FT101E HF rig with a trap dipole at 30 ft at home. What joy!  2m QSO's were difficult with Colin, G3GHY, as he used an old Storno rig and I couldn't work out if he was on S21, S22 or S23 when he should have been on S22 but was in fact on all three!!!

If memory serves me correctly a group of us were invited to Cy Babbs, G5IG, flat at Charles Ley Court in Fawley in April 1979 where it was decided to reinstate the Waterside Club.  I don't remember who else was there but I'm sure Colin, G3GHY, and Fred, G4CTW, would have been there as Fred also lived at Charles Ley Court and Colin always spent time with Fred.  Roy, G3OZT, may also have been there as well as John, G8KSR/G4JAX, but I'm not sure.  Maybe Roy can remember?

That was the Inaugural Meeting of the revamped club and the next few years activities are contained in these Newsletters.

All Newsletters have been scanned in as best I could.  Unfortunately, on some of the early Newsletters compiled and typed on a typewriter (haha - what's one of those Dad/Grandad?) by Graham, G4IXE, are a little faded mainly because his ribbon was always wearing out at Newsletter time.  The Newsletter production somehow was passed to me but I had a computer with a word processor program and a dot matrix printer.  No, not Word 80, but I remember you had to type commands into the text for things like "new line" and "new paragraph" and for right and left hand justification.  Do you remember the noise the dot matrix printers used to make?  Like some kind of Gatling gun going off.  I remember that after completing the editing of the Newsletter  I used to hit the print key and run out of the room closing the door behind me to escape the noise. If I manage to find a way to enhance the scanning I will update the files in the future.

All files are pdf format so, as long as you have Adobe Reader, you should be able to click on a file and it should open.  You should then be able to save the file on your own computer, should you wish.

I hope you enjoy reading these old documents and, if you were a club member back in those days, I hope it brings back fond memories as it did for me of what we got up to and the people we shared it all with.



WSWC/newsletter 1 - April 1980.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 2 - July 1980.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 3 - Sept 1980.pdf
WSWC/Newsletter 4 - Nov 1980.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 5 - Jan 1981.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 6 - March 1981.pdf
WSWC/Newsletter 7 - May 1981.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 8 - July 1981.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 9 - Sept 1981.pdf
WSWC/Newsletter 10 - Nov 1981.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 11 - Jan 1982.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 12 - March 1982.pdf
WSWC/Newsletter 13 - May 1982.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 14 - Aug 1982.pdf WSWC/Newsletter 15 - Dec 1982.pdf
WSWC/Newsletter 16 - April 1983.pdf    



AGM Documents & Misc

WSWC/2nd AGM Minutes April 1980.pdf WSWC/3rd AGM Agenda Notice April 1981.pdf WSWC/4th AGM Agenda Notice April 1982.pdf
WSWC/Alexandra Palace Exped Notice April 1982.pdf