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International Marconi Day Activities


For 2006 and 2007 I was fortunate to be able to participate in the IMD celebrations by running an Award Station from Luttrell's Tower, Calshot near Southampton.  As a small team of four amateurs we were able to activate the station GB5LT.

The first year we operated from the back of a hired van in the car park of the tower with a delta loop antenna strung out between the trees located just above Calshot beach.  It was hard work.  A great deal of prior negotiations with the owners of the tower, The Landmark Trust, was required as they had little or no experience or knowledge of this sort of activity held on one of their rental properties.  The implications of such an operation these days is known to those who have attempted similar operations.  Health and Safety is a priority concern especially to a professional organisation such as Landmark.  Add to this the fact that their customers pay hard cash to rent the property, possibly for their dream weekend away or for that special weeks holiday and you can begin to understand the task facing our negotiator and publicity man, Rod Hickey, G6LVJ.

Rod's task was made much easier due to the support of the people renting the tower for that first weekend.  Sarah and Frank were on holiday from the USA and when approached by the Landmark Trust as to how they felt about such an operation taking place in their back yard they gave their complete support.  I am convinced that it was this support that enabled the 2006 IMD event  to take place.  I am also convinced that it was the success of that event that led to the 2007 joint venture with Landmark to hold an open weekend incorporating the IMD celebrations.

So in 2007 we ran IMD in conjunction with a Luttrell's Tower open weekend.  You can read the details in the following pages.


Gerry, G6HBN and I  are in the process of some major personal changes that should enable us both to devote much much more time to amateur radio.  It does mean however that we are unable to guarantee future commitment to GB5LT and it seemed a shame to waste the hard work and progress made over the years. With this in mind Rod and Tony, G6MNL, contacted the local amateur radio club with a view to taking over the running of the event.    I am very pleased that the  Waterside New Forest Radio Club has agreed to run GB5LT for 2008 and I sincerely hope for future years building on what has been achieved so far.  I am a past member of this club and it seems only right that this event comes under their stewardship.

So to Tim, G4YVY, Rod and Tony - Good luck, best wishes and gd dx.  Hope all goes well and that you have just as much fun.