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Photographs from International Marconi Day 2006 (21st & 22nd April)


Here we go, Friday evening arriving with a van load of   kit to setup the antenna. OK - let's see if we can be professional at this and not generate loads of knots.... Good start !! Gerry arranging the skyhooks for the loop antenna
Me testing the station setup and Gerry testing the staff restaurant Here we go - GB5LT on air for the first time Tony delivers another coffee while Gerry arranges the display poster
A quick explanation of what four old men are doing in the back of a van to Sarah and Frank, residents of Luttrell's Tower during the Marconi event. Rod presents Sarah with a commemorative GB5LT QSL card to mark the inaugural IMD event The 2006 GB5LT QSL Card GB5LT operating position
Bacon sandwich and coffee time Gerry having a tune around while I nip off to the nearest bush You can see the delta loop (yellow wire) and aatu top left hand side of the van and here's the rest of it up in the trees
Absent again - for good reason Although it was a very sunny day the cold wind was blowing off the sea into the back of the van so cold we required a pair of Marconi ear muffs
Tony capturing the event on video Sarah and Frank very kindly gave us all a tour of the tower from the very top
down the tiny wooden spiral staircase to the veranda where, behind Frank, is an original Marconi mast clamp to the living room where much of Marconi's original
 radio equipment was stored above the main door down the spiral concrete staircase to the tower basement The TS2000 used for the event